Can I bring Kennel Cough home to my dogs, on my clothes?

My neighbor has two dogs with kennel cough, and my daughter pretty much lives over there, with two dogs that have Kennel cough. If she comes home to our dogs, is it possible she can spread the virus by getting it on her clothes from the infected dogs?

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5 Responses to “Can I bring Kennel Cough home to my dogs, on my clothes?”

  1. MommaLissa says:

    I’ve asked 2 pet experts and they told me "no" to this question.

  2. Bonnie L says:


  3. Maria D says:

    Possibly if their saliva or something comes in contact with your dogs.

    Keep your dogs on good raw food and a quality kibble (if needed) to give them the best defences. Kennel cough isn’t too serious. Dogs recover with some antibiotics for the secondary infection.

    Good luck

  4. muchas pooches rescue says:

    Yes, this is an airborne disease that is highly contagious.
    It spreads through shelters like wildfire and animals must be in the isolation unit.
    Facilities often have diluted bleach solution for visitors to step into & hand washing as well.It has caused ill funded facilities to euthanize many animals when an outbreak occurs.
    Any boarding facility to prevent this, demand current proof that your dog has been given the "spray up the nose" to keep all other boarders healthy.
    Consider calling your vet to see if the treatment is worth doing after exposure.If your animal has it-you will need antibiotics.

  5. chiwees says:

    No, kennel cough is spread when the dogs are in close proximity to each other. They usually pick them up at shelters, at the vet clinic if a dog with kennel cough is there, a boarding kennel, even at dog shows if someone brings a dog that has the virus but may not be showing any symptoms. If you are concerned, you could get the kennel cough vaccine.

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