How much should my saint Bernard puppy weight?

I have a 3week old saint Bernard puppy her weight right now is 4.4 pounds is that good or should I feed her more? FYI I got her Sunday from a pet store that just got them from there breeder

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3 Responses to “How much should my saint Bernard puppy weight?”

  1. anonymous says:

    3 weeks ?_? Take her back, A pup should be with their mom and litter mates until 8 weeks most breeders keep the pups until 10 weeks. Longest is 12 weeks. Pups have a high a risk of getting other diseases such as parvo and kennel cough. They learn behaviors from their mother also from their litter mates they learn that it hurts to bite among other things.

  2. JOHN C says:

    i dont’t know lol….

  3. Pamela D. says:

    OMG, you got a 3 week old puppy from a pet store. You are the lowest for of human that there is.
    They got that poor thing from a PUPPY MILL OR SOME AMISH FARM.
    Return it to them, no one sells a puppy at 3 weeks old.

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