How to help soothe Kennel Cough?

The pregnant beagle mix I rescued about three days ago seems to have a case of Kennel Cough! She WILL be going to the vet tomorrow, but until then – is there anything I can do to soothe her?

I’ve heard honey helps, is that true?


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5 Responses to “How to help soothe Kennel Cough?”

  1. Lizzie says:

    Kennel cough is a highly contagious virus (actually, there is more than one virus that causes it) so *please* tell your vet over the phone about the kennel cough so that your dog doesn’t infect all of the dogs in the waiting room. There are more viruses that cause it than the vaccine covers, so even vaccinated dogs could get this from your dog.

    The viral caused kennel cough is often accompanied by a bacterial infection. This dog needs veterinary care, not honey. You can try honey, maybe it will have a temporary effect.

    Untreated kennel cough can affect a dog’s heart and lead to an early death. Please be sure to get her in tomorrow. Ask also if the puppies will have it and what to do.

    Basically, she is going to be coughing hard for a while.

  2. Marianne, UDX,OTCH Shelties says:

    Pediatric Robitussin is what my vet recommends.

  3. Lorraine says:

    Manuka honey is best and yes it really does help.

    You can mix with blackcurrant jam as well as this soothes the throat and the honey acts as an antibacterial / anti-inflammatory. Amazing stuff honey is.

    As she is pregnant then they may not give antibiotics anyway. Kennel cough itself cannot be cured by antibiotics or anything else the vet can give as it is a viral infection. However, it can lead to secondaries, the worst of which is pneumonia which can be fatal. So AB’s are only given as a precaution. In this dogs case the vet might wish you and he to monitor and only give AB’s if she gets into trouble.

    I would rarely go to the vets with kennel cough.

  4. H says:

    Yes, you may give her some honey. Not too much because of the sugar content but, a spoonful of honey will be fine. Do not give your dog any form of human cough med. Not ever. Not only is it unsafe for the dog, she’s pregnant. It could affect the puppies too.

  5. Rnbows81 says:

    there is this stuff called
    Old Indian Wild Cherry Bark Syrup
    made by Planetary formula
    its a natural flu soother vitamin

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