What does it mean when a dog keeps coughing up clear mucus?

He seems fine otherwise. He still has a big appetite, loves to play, tail up, alert, etc. But when he gets excited or runs he starts to cough violently and hacks up clear mucus.

Could it be the flu or kennel cough????? He has no nose discharge though.
Plus his friend who is beside him 24/7 hasnt come down with anything.

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One Response to “What does it mean when a dog keeps coughing up clear mucus?”

  1. Kirsten says:

    Is it foamy? Sometimes with a yellow tint to it? Rather more liquidy than, say a raw eggwhite? If yes, this may be perfectly normal…depending.

    Is this a new dog, or a dog you’ve had for a while who suddenly started doing this? If it’s a sudden change in behavior it warrants a call to the vet.

    You could also check his temperature (rectally). Normal for a dog is 101.5 F plus or minus a degree. Usually they’ll run a fever if they have an infection.

    Also check the following:
    Is he pooping and peeing normally? Normal frequency, quantity, color and texture?
    You said he is eating well, is he also drinking normally?
    You said his attitude (demeanor) is upbeat and normal–this, in my experience, is actually the most reliable indicator that there is no serious problem. Usually the dog will let you know he feels bad by acting depressed

    If absolutely everything else is normal except the vomit stuff, and especially if this is your first dog, then it’s probably not a problem at all. Dogs throw up for a number of reasons, most of them harmless.

    If, however, he has any other symptoms besides the vomiting, if the vomiting is a new behavior he did not exhibit before, or if he has a fever, then you should make an appointment with your veterinarian.

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