Why is my Chihuahua wheezing when he breathes in?

I have a male chihuahua who is about 9 months old now. Sometimes when he breathes in he wheezes really loud. It only happens really when he is very active. He is on heartworm preventative and has had his kennel cough vaccine. What else could it be?

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5 Responses to “Why is my Chihuahua wheezing when he breathes in?”

  1. Launi ~Thundering ~ Wild Angels~ says:

    Upper respiratory infection. I suggest a vet check.

  2. Onyx Ignite says:

    Could be asthma. See a vet.

  3. pooparazzi says:

    It could also be a reverse sneeze. Check on youtube for a video of a dog reverse sneezing it could be the problem.

    "Its exact cause is unknown but may be due to nasal, pharyngeal, or sinus irritation (such as an allergy), the dog’s attempt to remove mucus, or from over-excitement due to present activity. It is characterized by rapid and repeated forced inhalation through the nose, accompanied by snorting or gagging sounds. Though it may be distressing to the animal, it is not known to be harmful. Most dogs are completely normal before and after episodes. In addition, most dogs will have repeat episodes of reverse sneezing throughout their lives." – Wiki

  4. Julie Ann says:

    He could have asthma, or a collapsing trachea, which are two respiratory conditions that are affected by heavy exercise. If he is only doing it when exercising and there is no sputum when he coughs and no discharge from the eyes, nose or mouth, then I don’t think it’s an infection, but if you see any of those signs it could be.

  5. RV says:

    Chihuahuas have a weak trachea. This is a common problem with the breed when they get too excited or eat too quickly.

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