“Kennel Cough” part 2

Top Kennel Cough Supplements This is the little dog that had Kennel Cough (KC) his name is Buster. He made it threw it and sometimes still coughs yet tomorrow Saturday 25th 09 he will have been 2 weeks. I herd it last 2 weeks and that's why I think he is over it. The various […]

Puppy Kennel Cough Sounds

Top Kennel Cough Supplements Our 9 week old pup was just diagnosed with kennel cough by the vet. This video shows the coughing, choking and also gagging noises he makes, and vomiting activity. If your young puppy sounds anything like this please see your veterinarian!      

YaYa w/Kennel Cough

Top Kennel Cough Supplements YaYa had Kennel Cough given that we got her from a sanctuary. She is great currently. NOTHING BAD HAPPENED!! Do not comment indicate points please.      

Rottweiler Dog Horrible Kennel Cough / Dog Flu Induced Vomiting

Top Kennel Cough Supplements My Rottweiler Pet caught Kennel Cough & it was such a terrifying see to undergo. He would maintain coughing (the noise of coughing was a damn frightening audio in itself!) whole day & evening, however he ate food & drank water generally, to make sure that was a relief. Anyways, when […]