“Kennel Cough” part 2

Top Kennel Cough Supplements This is the little dog that had Kennel Cough (KC) his name is Buster. He made it threw it and sometimes still coughs yet tomorrow Saturday 25th 09 he will have been 2 weeks. I herd it last 2 weeks and that's why I think he is over it. The various […]

Remedies you can use for Kennel Cough ( Canine Infectious Bronchitis )

Top Kennel Cough Supplements Some of the useful treatments you could use to relieve kennel cough, the elderberry syrup that you could buy from a wellness store, two times daily at 5 mls. This aids the coughing as well as sore throat. Antibiotics supplied by the vet, half a tablet twice daily, Eachincea declines, 10 […]